Spelling and grammar do matter to consumers

What consumers think about spelling and grammar on social media.

What consumers think about spelling and grammar on social media.

This infographic is really quite telling.

Spelling and grammar really do matter. 

Out of 1003 UK consumers, 42.5% said they’re put off by poor spelling and grammar on social media. Is your company’s social media up to scratch? Talk to us today about our proofreading and editing services.

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Why does writing matter to your brand?

We all know that if you want your organisation to be a success, you need great branding.

No matter the size of your business, it’s key to create a brand that reflects your message and values. In a competitive market, your unique branding gives you an edge over your peers.

But your brand isn’t just about your logo. It speaks about far more. Your brand should tell your organisation’s story, mirror your values, and reinforce your message.

So where does writing come in?

If your branding is modern and edgy, it’s no good having a stuffy company profile that requires a dictionary to be understood. And if your organisation is decades old and prides itself on traditional values, you don’t want a website that’s littered with slang and colloquialisms.

It’s all about finding the tone that represents how you do business. Even subtle changes such as switching to first person narrative (‘WE want to help YOU’, rather than ‘BUSINESS X wants to help CLIENTS Y AND Z’) can give your clients the feeling that you’re all about developing personal relationships and treating clients as people, rather than numbers.

We can help you find your brand’s writing style. To find out more, talk to us.