Making the most of networking

Networking. For many of us, simply hearing the word fills us with dread. The thought of selling ourselves and our businesses to strangers without coming across as desperate or, perhaps worse, arrogant, is a daunting one.


But networking is something we can’t escape if we want to get ahead in the business world. The opportunity for referrals, gaining golden nuggets of advice from experienced businesspeople, and raising our own company profile are just some of the benefits to be gained. So, how can we make the most of a networking opportunity and, most importantly, how do we get those all-important conversations right?

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Caring for your customers

Offering great customer service is a no-brainer for any organisation. Providing enviable customer care increases customer loyalty, sparks great word-of-mouth business, removes barriers to buying, and helps to bring in the cash.

customer service

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Negotiating skills for life

Negotiation skills. Think you have them? Think you need them? Only relevant for salespeople? Think again. Negotiation is a pretty useful skill for all of us to have, whatever line of work we’re in. In fact, our negotiation skills are in use far more than for our 9-5.



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What is non-verbal communication?

non verbalExperts agree that non-verbal communication is responsible for a huge proportion of the messages we send out. The numbers vary anywhere between 65% even up to 80% or 90%. But whatever the number, it’s clear that communication is about far more than simply the words we say.

So what exactly are we talking about when we refer to ‘non-verbal communication’?

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Why does English matter?

In 2013, out of 60 countries assessed for English proficiency, the UAE came in at a pretty disappointing 36th place. For a country with such a diverse population and booming international trade links, the results are surprising. Clearly, our English just isn’t up to scratch.


This matters to business because English proficiency is related to gross national income and ease of doing business. You can check out the full results by clicking here.

Interested in how your company ranks? Talk to us about our English training needs assessments.