Sealing the Interview Deal

You spent hours trawling through job listings, drafted and re-drafted the perfect application, and crossed all your fingers and toes as you clicked ‘send’. And now, the invitation you’ve been waiting for has landed in your inbox. You have an interview. Whether you’re entering the workplace for the first time following graduation, or going for a new challenge after years of experience, reminding yourself or those all-important interview preparation tips is essential.


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Caring for your customers

Offering great customer service is a no-brainer for any organisation. Providing enviable customer care increases customer loyalty, sparks great word-of-mouth business, removes barriers to buying, and helps to bring in the cash.

customer service

But if providing excellent customer service has such clear benefits, why do so many of us experience poor service when we’re out and about? Continue reading

Taking Charge of Time Management

We all know what it’s like to experience that “there just aren’t enough hours in the day” feeling. How many times do we just wish for an extra two or three hours to spring from somewhere, just so that we feel we can catch up?


Often, our solution is to try to tag an extra couple of hours onto the end of the working day. We sacrifice our down-time, relationships, and even forego our precious sleep. It’s well known that adults need at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night. Without it, our health suffers – which is certainly not conducive to making the most of our time! Continue reading

Make Time for Mentoring

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin


In today’s world of tight budgets and squeezed profit margins, an increasing number of organisations are relying on their experienced, long-standing managers to take more and more responsibility for getting their newbies up to speed.

For anyone who has ever held a management position, the first question that springs to mind is, “With what time?”. Holding the hand of a newcomer to your busy organisation certainly isn’t your number one priority. But could there be something in it for you?

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Negotiating skills for life

Negotiation skills. Think you have them? Think you need them? Only relevant for salespeople? Think again. Negotiation is a pretty useful skill for all of us to have, whatever line of work we’re in. In fact, our negotiation skills are in use far more than for our 9-5.



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Work perks or open communication…what would you choose?

A recent study conducted by 15five suggests that employees value a work environment that encourages open communication more than one that brings with it perks of the job.



Even top health plans, free food and fancy gym memberships just don’t cut it in comparison to open and honest communication in the workplace.

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Transforming your team in 2015

According to a recent survey of managers in the UK, ‘developing people’ is in the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for management professionals. And it’s easy to see why. Training and development not only increases productivity in the work place, but also encourages employee retention and engagement.


Employee engagement is a vital part of the development cycle – if your people aren’t engaged, they won’t communicate. If they don’t communicate, you’ll never know what they need. And if you don’t know what they need, any efforts and investments you try to make towards implementing training and development plans will be wasted.

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