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English Matters: Clarity in Communication

Providing bespoke English Communication Consultancy services for business and education.

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We would like to use this blog as a meeting place for anyone interested in the wonderful world of English. Whether that’s English in business or education, or simply a passion for the language; we’ll share articles, stories, pictures and videos that may be of interest.

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Our story:

English Matters are professional English Communication Consultants, passionate about clarity in English communication. Since its establishment in the summer of 2011, English Matters has sharpened its focus to concentrate on providing professional consultancy services to the elite from the world of business and education, facilitating their drive forward in an increasingly competitive English-focussed world.

What we believe:

The English language is becoming ever more dominant in both the business and academic world, and the ability to communicate clearly and confidently in English is fundamental to the professional success of individuals and companies. We believe in always striving for standards of excellence in English communication. We believe in the power of communication. We believe that crisp, clear and concise communication can improve efficiency and sell products, services and people. And above all else, we believe in empowering individuals and companies with the tools they need to make English communication work for them. English Matters: Clarity in communication.

Our Mission:

To empower academics and professionals for success in an English-focussed global society.

Our Vision:

English Matters strives to be the expert and only choice to provide bespoke English communication consultancy services for professionals from the world of business and education, in order to facilitate their drive forward in an increasingly competitive English-focussed global society.

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