Confused Workplace Communication? 6 Risks You Run

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How much emphasis does your business place on good workplace communication? If the answer is ‘not much’ or ‘what workplace communication?’, take a look at the risks you’re running with your clients and employees…

Poor Customer Service

Frustrated employees can easily let their poor attitude reflect in their customer service. Customer complaints are often sparked from lack of communication, and employees who feel they’re dismissed by management just won’t have the heart to put the effort in with their clients.

Missed Deadlines

Poor communication is cited as a huge reason why companies are unable to deliver their promises on time. When customer requests and orders require careful coordination, one break in communication can make all the difference.

More Sick Days

Ineffective and insensitive communication has a direct impact on employee morale and motivation. An employee who feels unappreciated or ignored is more likely to skip a day for illegitimate reasons.

Higher Turnover of Staff

This follows the same logic as the previous point. If your workforce feels they’re not being heard or understood, sooner or later they’ll look elsewhere.

Poor Change Management

Meeting the objectives of changing business structures, processes and systems is impossible unless managers are great communicators. Managers must be able to handle resistance to change using smart and sensitive communication.

More Accidents, Injuries and Sickness

It’s clear that poor communication is likely to cause an increase in accidents and injuries at work. But it could also lead to higher stress levels, and so more employees signing-off from work for extended periods of time.

So what can be done?

Setting higher standards for communication between your managers and employees should be part of your long-term planning. Talk to English Matters about improving workplace communication as part of your training and learning development plan.


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