Negotiating skills for life

Negotiation skills. Think you have them? Think you need them? Only relevant for salespeople? Think again. Negotiation is a pretty useful skill for all of us to have, whatever line of work we’re in. In fact, our negotiation skills are in use far more than for our 9-5.



Though you may not realise it, your negotiation skills are in action every day of your working and personal life. At work, you negotiate with your managers and team members to get the work done quickly and effectively. You negotiate with clients, whether these are business customers expecting a service or product, or your ‘clients’ are pupils in a classroom. You’re negotiating all the time. When you leave work, you go home and continue to negotiate with your family (and your kids will really put your skills to the test!).

So if the need to negotiate exists in every part of our lives, how do we know if we’re any good at it? Well, good negotiators will enjoy better relationships with the people they work with. You’ll notice that you’re able to ‘meet in the middle’ with colleagues, and you can find solutions to difficult problems without the need for argument. This makes you an efficient worker. You’ll find that although you don’t necessarily always get your way, the solutions you and your peers find satisfy everyone, and you can recognise the wisdom behind others’ thinking.

Job descriptions often list negotiation skills as a key competency, and some training and guidance may be required to ensure you’re at the top of your negotiation game. Truly effective negotiation requires great communication and problem-solving, active listening, flawless planning, good decision-making and emotional control. If you’re ready to take your negotiation skills out of the everyday, contact English Matters.

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