Work perks or open communication…what would you choose?

A recent study conducted by 15five suggests that employees value a work environment that encourages open communication more than one that brings with it perks of the job.



Even top health plans, free food and fancy gym memberships just don’t cut it in comparison to open and honest communication in the workplace.

The study surveyed 1000 full-time US employees and asked them about what attracts them to a job. 81% preferred to join a company that values ‘open communication’; choosing the opportunity to be heard over the chance to enjoy attractive incentives.

Unfortunately, very few of the people surveyed are actually getting what they want. Only 15% stated they were ‘very satisfied’ with how valued communication is in their current workplace, and only 15% believe that their feedback is valued by managers. And the outlook is worse for the younger generation, with many of them feeling ‘unheard’ or stating that feedback isn’t taken seriously.

There also seem to be differences in communication styles between generations, making open communication even more difficult when, for example, younger employees may appear far too direct to their older counterparts.

So how do we improve the situation for our workforce? The 15Five study does make some recommendations. Many people, particularly the younger generation, are far more comfortable with communication through virtual means, rather than face-to-face. An online portal or forum that encourages honest feedback could be a great way for employees to feel heard.

At English Matters, we believe that learning to communicate effectively and break through communication barriers, whatever they may be, can unlock massive potential for businesses and individuals. Our communication training courses will get you and your team communicating openly, honestly and effectively.

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