10 tips for better communication today


Sometimes, we all need a little reminder of the importance of effective communication. Whether we’re communicating with colleagues, or friends, families and loved-ones, the tips below will help you to become more conscious of what makes a successful interaction.

  1. Listen actively and attentively – this means giving feedback that shows the other person that you’re listening. How many times are we distracted by our laptops, phones or TVs when someone is talking to us? Stop what you’re doing, look at the person talking to you, and listen. Really listen.
  2. Ask and invite questions – Express interest in what the other person is saying to you. Ask them questions or to elaborate. And be open and approachable so that they feel comfortable to ask you questions, too.
  3. Be honest – this is sometimes the hardest part of communication. Take a deep breath and say exactly what you feel.
  4. Be patient – if you’re experiencing a barrier to communication, such as a language barrier, don’t show that you’re frustrated. Show that you’re patient.
  5. Know what you want to say – this is particularly important if we’re communicating a problem. Be prepared with exactly what you want to say. Stick to the point and have a clear idea about how you’d like to proceed/what the solution might be.
  6. Communicate purposefully – in other words, don’t beat around the bush. Communicate your real message with purpose and clarity.
  7. Demonstrate empathy – this is an often overlooked key to communication. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and make an effort to make him or her feel understood.
  8. Mind your body language – non-verbal communication is actually responsible for more than two thirds of communication. Make sure your body language is true to the message you’re giving.
  9. Don’t dismiss other opinions – if you take an ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ attitude to communication, you’ll come across as arrogant and closed-minded. Acknowledge the opinion of others, even if you don’t agree.
  10. Look for common goals – don’t forget that you’re communicating for a purpose. Somewhere, you’ll find shared values and goals that will help you to better communicate with others.

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