Does your organisation need us?

We are professional English Communication Consultants

  • We believe in always striving for standards of excellence in English communication.
  • We believe in the power of communication.
  • We believe that crisp, clear and concise communication can improve efficiency and sell products, services and people.

We provide English communication consultation services

We are unique in offering a made-to-measure service for all of your organisation’s immediate and long-term English communication needs.

What are our ‘English communication needs’?

Put simply: every piece of writing your company produces. That could be internal documents such as employee manuals, or marketing material such as brochures. We even train your staff to improve their business English writing for emails, proposals, presentations and reports.

We’ll write or edit:

  • brochures, leaflets and flyers,
  • website content,
  • proposals and contracts,
  • press releases,
  • management reports,
  • employee manuals and handbooks,
  • contracts and terms,
  • company policies and procedures,
  • and the list goes on…

How do we know if we need help with our English communication?

Ask yourself:

  • Can our audience read our company profile or our webpages just once and know exactly what we do?
  • Can our clients read proposals and have all of their questions answered for them?
  • Can our employees find the information they need from manuals without wasting valuable time?
  • Can our employees correspond quickly and effectively through email without having to make follow-up calls?

In short, ask yourself if the quality of your company’s external communication reflects your level of expertise and professionalism. Ask yourself if the quality of your internal communication maximises the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

If the answer is ‘no’, we can help.

We can produce writing from scratch, or work with what you already have to improve it. We can offer as much or as little training as you need. We can write or edit anything. We can even provide templates and ‘sentence-banks’ to ensure that your internal and external correspondence is clear and consistent.

We can make the difference that will win clients and save you money. 

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